OmniLyse Cell Lysis Kits

Product description: Claremont’s OmniLyse cell lysis kits are ultra-fast, mechanical cell disruptors capable of lysing even difficult-to-lyse Gram-positive organisms in approximately one minute and are acclaimed by the USDA as the best available method. “OmniLyse methods provided the highest consistent yield of genomic DNA.” -Irwin et al. BMC Microbiology (2014) 14:326 – USDA Publishing – …

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Chemical Disinfectants

Alcohol Overview. In the health care setting, “alcohol” refers to two water-soluble chemical compounds, ethyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol, which generally have underestimated germicidal characteristics. The FDA has not approved any liquid chemical sterilants or high-level disinfectants. level with alcohol as the main active ingredient. These alcohols are rapidly bactericidal rather than bacteriostatic against vegetative …

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