OmniLyse Cell Lysis Kits

Product description:

Claremont’s OmniLyse cell lysis kits are ultra-fast, mechanical cell disruptors capable of lysing even difficult-to-lyse Gram-positive organisms in approximately one minute and are acclaimed by the USDA as the best available method.

“OmniLyse methods provided the highest consistent yield of genomic DNA.” -Irwin et al. BMC Microbiology (2014) 14:326 – USDA Publishing – Near-quantitative sampling of genomic DNA from various foodborne eubacteria

OmniLyse Lysis Kits use a bead-beating method to quickly cut open cells without the use of harsh chemicals, wash baths, or a centrifuge. The OmniLyse is powered by a battery pack and can be used anywhere. Capable of disrupting most cell types, the OmniLyse Lysis Kit is an excellent choice for a variety of downstream applications. OmniLyse kits are highly customizable and allow for easy integration into systems and applications for off-the-shelf products or in earlier stages of product development.

OmniLyse Key Features:

  • Rapidly lyses a wide range of cell types in approximately 1 minute
  • Works with cells including gram-positive and gram-negative, yeast, mammalian, spores, cysts and many more
  • With no chemicals or washing steps, OmniLys kits are ideal for sensitive assays that can be affected by the presence of organic compounds.
  • Availability and portability allow OmniLyse kits to be stored under normal laboratory conditions. After use, the kits can be disposed of without harming the environment.
  • Can be used and purchased with or without accounts.
  • Various configurations available to best fit your sample
  • No spin steps
  • Simple protocol